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Whistle Data uses technology and human teams to manually validate every contact record at point of order and deliver only 100% accurate information to sales teams. We have a simple process to map out 3 key areas of contact information for B2B leads: Phone, Email, and Social.




Phone validation is one of our most important and unique processes. Like Social and Email validation, Phone validation involves sourcing the original details from the top database partners, but then manually calling the number at least 3 times to ensure deliverability and confirm if the number is still in use, is mobile, direct or if not and to map out the extension pathway. For Sales Development reps who are looking to streamline their activities, our ability to map out pathways and note the secretaries’ name and details gives an extra edge.




Email validation runs through 3 of the top independent email verification tools before it is manually validated by a Whistle Data professional, who sends a test email to confirm if there is a bounce or if it was received. Once all is clear, this email is added to the list for processing.




Social validation is used as a check to confirm current employment status but can also produce rich information such as latest posts, likes, articles or updates shared by the prospect on Linkedin. These requests can be used to build custom lists, for example: CMOs who have been in position for less than 6 months, which could be very valuable for technology companies, targeting people wanting to make changes.



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